The Parenting Tribe.


Welcome to The Parenting Tribe - A tribe where the journey of raising PRODUCTIVE kids is experienced and shared. A global tribe of men and women raising an army of PRODUCTIVITY CHANGE AGENTS that grow to impact their world by being the best versions of themselves.

The Parenting Tribe cuts across the globe and welcomes Men, Women, Singles, Married, Widows, Parents, Grandparents, Families, Caregivers, Young and Old.

Why and How? šŸ¤·šŸ½ā™€ļø

PARENTING does not exclusively refer to a biological relationship, it is the process of encouraging, mentoring, promoting and supporting the physical, emotional, social, and intellectual development of a child.

Meet Our Founder

Cresta Durojaiye, CPOĀ® is a Certified Professional Organizer, and one of Africa's leading Productivity Experts, Author, Podcaster and Life Strategist who teaches and empowers people with practical tools and strategies to live fuller and perform optimally. She serves as theĀ Founding ChairpersonĀ of theĀ Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals in NigeriaĀ (APON). She is also President & Co-Founder ofĀ PineTreeGroup of companies (currently comprisingĀ PineTree Organizers; Inspire! By PineTree; and PineTree Container Store). She is a WEF London 2019 Speaker and Recipient of the WEF London 2019 Iconic Woman Award. Cresta is passionate about creating systems and structures for organized workflow and personal transformation. She also places a major premium on family life, as a wife and hands-on Mum to two amazing girls. She is a co-author of the book, ā€˜40 Pearls of Wisdomā€™, - an anthology featuring 40 inspiring stories by 40 women. She is the recipient of the London 2020 Shine Legacy Award in Productivity, and recipient of the WEF Cairo 2020 Exceptional Woman of Excellence Award.

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